Company profile

Electromech Engineering Pakistan is an engineering services and solutions provider company to industrial and commercial users, founded in 2011 by Mohazzab Javed and Muhammad Qasim. We are continuously expanding both our product portfolio and our customer base. Electromech Engineering Pakistan provides extraordinary value to its customers and suppliers and connects them through the company’s industry-leading services.

Innovation and R&D

Electromech Engineering devotes 15% of its sales every year to Research and development in Pakistan. The company sees innovation as a way to make its solutions greener, simpler and easier to integrate into the daily environment of its customers, relying on strong investment and many partnerships.

Continuous Development

Unlike some solutions on the market today our policy is, and always has been, one of continuous development on features that increase quality and efficiency for our customers. Typically, we release three to four versions per year with major functional enhancements in addition to maintenance and minor releases as required. This focus on development makes us more dynamic as a company and allows us the flexibility to provide both new functionality and maintenance releases to the customer more frequently.


1. RFID based security and access control system.
2. Handheld industrial rugged PDA.
3. Reverse engineering of various industrial PCBs.
4. Functional replacement of commercial turbine engine fuel display.
5. Design of power supplies of different systems.
6. Supply of obsolete electronic equipments and components.
7. Military standard PCB Fabrication.
8. Repairing of industrial PCBs.
9. Design of high speed serial data logger.
10. Educational magnetic levitation system for teaching control system engineering.
11. Fuel Monitoring System.
12. RF based security system.