GSM Gateway

Fixed Wireless Terminal designed to provide better wireless connectivity between POTS (plain old telephone set) and existing GSM 900/1800MHz network with high sensitivity to receive signal and large transmitting power to expand extensively the effective coverage of GSM service. It can be used not only in communication for vehicles such as automobiles, trains, floating vehicles, etc., but also in communication for construction sites, isolated islands and rural areas where hardwire-line telephone service is unavailable. So they are widely used in home &office, public phone, rural areas, steamer, railway etc.
Its a solution for expanding GSM service coverage!

Features and Functions:

1) Simple to install and easy to maintain
2) Steady industrial module and reliable design ensures good performance
3) Provides optimized circuit directly connecting the exchange device for Extensions
4) Compatible to most telephones, PBX and VoIP gateways (for call Termination)
5) Connect to Alarm systems to realize wireless alarm(for security use)
6) Strong signals with high gain antenna
7) Support SIM card (1.8V,3V)
8) Support DTMF 2’nd dialing out
9) DTMF CLIP(Caller ID display)
10) Hide subscriber caller id (been sent out)
11) Provides reversal polarity signal for metering
12) Signal indiator and power indicator and working status indicator
13) Suitable for wide voltage range and low power consumption
14) Suitable for all kinds of weather and environment
15) Locking PIN / network (optional)
16) GPRS function(optional)
17) Support IMEI change(optional)
18) Back up li-ion battery(optional)